Welcome To Connecticut State Parks

Connecticut presents an overwhelming array of features splendidly representative of the entire New England region. Enriched by the offerings of the modern busy city; flavored by the charm of the traditional town usa; Connecticut offers a way of life which is both traditional and diverse. Our State Park System reflects this striking contrast as well as typifies the friendly nature of our State. Because our State Parks and Forests are entertaining as well as educational, they meet the recreational demands of our citizens. The nature lover enjoys the beauty of dense woodlands, rocky points jutting into Long Island Sound and rolling hills which provide striking views. The picnicker takes pleasure in relaxing by clear lakes or in open meadows bursting with the colors of spring. The sports enthusiast delights in powdery ski trails, miles of bathing beaches, and trout streams. Our heritage, steeped in a tradition that long predates the Revolutionary War can be explored through stately monuments, museums and a majestic castle.

Connecticut is a place for all people as well as for all seasons. We are proud of our State and of our Recreation System; we bid you a warm and hearty welcome.

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